An User-Experience Centric Review of “Mountain Lion” OS X 10.8

[It took me quite some time and efforts to get ML upgraded from Lion. It stopped at missing recovery disk. I found this solution worked for me]

The 2011 release, OS X Lion was Apple’s first release after it adopts an periodic update model for OS X. Lion brought many changes to the interface and the way how to handle files. In many OS X applications, Save/Save As has disappeared. And some applications starts very slow, e.g. Preview.

Besides 200 features advertised on improvements, I realized that Mountain Lion is meant to cure these.
First thing to try!
Good design. I like to use it comparing to iChat/Adium because it doesn’t populate all contacts in the left panel. And it talks to iPhone/iPad!

Mail, Contacts & Calendars
2nd thing if not the 1st thing.
Set up all you website account there! Now it has Twitter/Vimeo, and scroll down you find QQMail/ More non-Chinese usage on those websites? Best advertisement for them by Apple.

New Open File Dialog
A new Open File dialog includes both local and iCloud file is welcome. And I just found that in iCloud view that I can delete files in the Open File dialog but still not possible in local disk view. Share button in the bottom to enable fast sharing.

Mac Update:
Now integrated in the App Store Update. now starts and opens files much faster. This was a mysterious problem in Lion.
Back to old bad editor. Previously in Lion, I could use it as a note-taking tool because it keeps unsaved files when quitting and restores them after restarting. Now it forces save the unsaved files when quitting.

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